DIRECTANGLE PRESS is a small printshop and publishing house run by Josh Dannin specializing in short-run artist editions and hand-printed ephemera. Founded in Athens, Ohio in 2014, we had a brief stint in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and our letterpress & risograph studio is now located in beautiful Manchester, New Hampshire. 

POWER WASHER ZINE is a semi-annual silkscreen publication designed and edited by Todd Irwin and Josh Dannin. Featuring artist interviews and essays, high-end print humor, and lo-fi graphics, POWER WASHER is jam-packed with information and education for printmakers everywhere. POWER WASHER is a zine about screen that asks soft questions and thinks hard thoughts.

Featured artists and contributors include: Haypeep (Sage Perrott), Tate Foley, Sonnenzimmer, Amos Paul Kennedy Jr, Pat Lunch, Marco Lawrence, Amze Emmons, Kate McQuillen, Chris Dacre, Alexander Heinrici, Jeffrey Dell, Breanne Trammell, Bill Fick, Caroline Walp, Jon Irving, Nicholas DeLorenzo, Dan Grzeca, Melissa Brown, Mary Manusos, The Project Twins, JULMstudios (Jason Urban & Leslie Mutchler), Duncan Dempster, Leslie Diuguid, Melissa Dettloff, Peter McGouran, & Ryan Travis Christian

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