We offer printing services for artists, designers, and businesses.

From bold letterpress posters utilizing our antique wood type to vibrant risograph prints layering any of our 11 soy-based Riso colors, we're happy to work with you to find the best solution for your needs. Contact us for more info.


We love lettepress! We're equipped to handle most letterpress jobs large and small, whether it's a wood type or hand-carved poster, or custom business cards, invitations, and stationery. We can pull from our cases of antique wood and lead type to handset your message letter by letter, or have a plate made to print anything you've whipped up digitally. Don't have a design at the ready? We can help with that too!

We keep a wide range of ink colors in house, and can mix any custom Pantone color to match your swatch. Let's collaborate!


We have a pair of trusty Riso MZ790 printers in house and 11 unique colors. These machines produce efficient, economic, and vibrant prints perfect for posters, zines, stationery, and nearly anything else you can dream up. Riso inks are translucent, which makes layering possible to create an even wider range of colors.

The colors listed include approximate hex and Pantone matches to Riso's soy-based inks. We can print on uncoated paper from 20lb bond to 80lb cover, up to 11x17" without bleed. Our go-to papers come from French Paper Co., Domtar, and Neenah, but we're always happy to discuss anything else you may have in mind.


        Wine  #914E72, Pantone 235 U   
        Fluorescent Pink  #FF48B0, Pantone 806 U
        Scarlet  #F65058, Pantone RED 032 U
        Melon  #FFAE3B, Pantone 1235 U
        Yellow  #FFE800, Pantone YELLOW U
        Mint  #82D8D5, Pantone 324 U
        Light Teal  #009DA5, Pantone 320 U
        Blue  #0078BF, Pantone 3005 U
        Federal Blue  #3D5588, Pantone 288 U
        Black  #000000, Pantone BLACK U
        Metallic Gold  #AC936E, Pantone 872 U

Interested in producing your own risograph prints? Check out our Risograph 101 workshops and Open Riso Access!